Couples therapy provides an opportunity to reconnect with your partner and to reclaim the most fulfilling aspects of your relationship.  Couples therapy can help you examine the impact that prior relationships have on current problems and gently guides you and your partner towards awareness and understanding in a way that brings clarity and resolution to long experienced points of conflict.

Many couples reach an impasse when they are thrust into dealing with the tasks of parenting, managing finances together, and integrating their partner with members of their extended family. Sometimes couples feel overwhelmed when the romance that they once felt loses its luster. Couples therapy can help partners to establish safety, build trust, and quell power struggles.

Sometimes couples engage in activities that diminish the intimacy and closeness in their relationship. Mundane tasks such as checking e-mail, surfing the internet, or spending too much time at work can become ways of escaping the engagement that relationships require. In more serious circumstances, physical or emotional affairs, withholding financial information, and physical or emotional aggression are ways that partners try to escape. Couples therapy can help partners to examine the source of the break in the relationship and can provide guidance on moving forward.

Couples therapy can also help to articulate a vision for the relationship. A relationship vision assigns tasks to each partner so that the relationship can achieve optimal functioning and provide the greatest fulfillment.

Couples counseling can help with premarital counseling, coparenting, separation, divorce, managing household finances, co-dependency, communication, sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy, and infidelity.