The following are comments from students who have attended courses or workshops given by Joe Elliott.

“Joe is in the top five instructors that I have had.  Joe brought into the classroom speakers, videos, handouts, but mostly importantly his real world working experience, including theories not in the text.”

“The class had a challenging workload, but was very fun and interactive.  The material I will take away from here will be very useful.”

“Mr. Elliott has a natural knack for teaching.  He genuinely cares about his students learning.  He always was thorough in his explanations and spent the appropriate time getting our feedback.”

“Joe was an excellent teacher.  He made sure we understood the material.”

“Joe was an awesome instructor.  He made class enjoyable to come to.  He is very knowledgeable and brought in a lot of guest speakers.  I would definitely take him again and recommend him to others.”